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Kérlek, látogasd meg  newmedia e-oldalamat is!


UK Internet ad spend overtakes TV for first time


"This is a significant milestone, this is the first major market where online has overtaken television to become the biggest single medium."

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Magazines, newspapers and radio say reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated


For magazines, technology has been a foe as well as friend, panelists said.
  Advancements in printing have helped magazines get to newsstands faster, while e-reader devices stand to transform how publications reach audiences, said Mark Ford, president and group publisher at Time Inc., predicting that an e-reader that would be a "game-changer for the magazine industry" was only 18 months away

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Media Outlook 2010: Crawling From the Wreckage


Broadcast TV would be down. Cable: the only medium that didn’t get kicked in the teeth,  Digital Media: Users are still shifting time to digital platforms. The search business is still relatively strong. Video, mobile is a bright spot. However, “display has gotten hammered a bit.” Analysts are cautiously optimistic. Print: is looking, well, less bad

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Media Usage Study: Online and Radio Up, TV Still Most Credible


Americans are increasingly turning to online and radio sources for news and information, while at the same time they are relying less on daily newspapers and TV.

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Cable Networks Will Be Last Old Media to Face Digital Destruction


As Internet-connected TVs and streaming online video proliferate over the next several years, consumers will resist paying for cable and other content they can find online for free or individually pay for on demand. Such digital options will undercut cable’s existing business model.

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Print Publishers Embracing Mobile Market


More print publishers are focusing on the mobile market as a way to expand their brands, reach new audiences and generate additional revenue while offering advertisers the chance to reach locally targeted engaged audiences

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Obvious: People Dont Want to Pay for Online News


Paid Content UK conducted a Poll with Harris Interactive, asking respondents how much they would pay for online news, and what they would do if they're favorite news sites started charging. The findings, perhaps not so shocking, indicate that users basically don't really want to pay.

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Google: Well Be First $100B Media Company


Google is poised to become the world's first $100 billion media company, says CEO Eric Schmidt, according to the new book, "Googled," by Ken Auletta. Google will generate more advertising revenues this year than the combined prime-time ad revenues of CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox.

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The Moguls’ New Clothes


Moguls, not the Internet, are to blame for the lousy performance of big media companies

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US Ad Spending Saw 15% Decline in Early 09


“spot” advertising, booked at short notice, fell by 17.4 per cent in the top 100 local TV markets and by 32.1 per cent in the 110 next largest markets. Even internet advertising, from which Nielsen’s excludes search engine spending, slipped 1 per cent. 

"We're seeing a lot more promotion of technological innovations like smartphones, computer software, and consumer-driven web sites.

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